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Love and Attention to Every Detail

Hola All, I am now back in HK and still marveling at the superb Camino experience which far exceeded my expectations in terms of the excellence of arrangements, harmony of the group and the weather! I was also personally delighted to share my birthday with everyone and to receive the lovely Camino earrings and the super-rich chocolate cake! I am now lbs. heavier but oh so happy that it was gained so pleasurably (even though I walked very fast so as to burn off the calories!). It was a memorable trip and certainly the best organized (with love and attention to every detail) that I’ve ever been on. Fresco Tours deserves every success and I have no hesitation in recommending it to friends around the world. Happy to be a tour guide for anyone who visits Hong Kong (October/November are the nicest months). Fondest regards, Janet

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