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Most Amazing and Memorable Time

Dear Alex, First of all, please excuse my long delay in writing this note to you. It took some time for me to process my experiences and put them into words. I must say that I had a most amazing and memorable time on my recent Camino trip. I was at first a bit apprehensive about joining a group, since I consider myself a capable, independent traveler. However, I quickly changed my mind once I met all of the wonderful people I would be spending the next ten days with. We all got along very well and having these incredible people to share my experiences with only made it that much better. Everything was so very well planned and it was a treat to not have to think about anything other than walking each day! You are very lucky to have the most capable and competent staff working for you. It’s hard to know where to begin when thinking of Jason, Ria, and Jose Antonio. They each worked so hard every day. Jason was a wealth of information and loved teaching us about the treasures along the way, he also enjoyed learning from all of us, had a great sense of humor, and had the special gift of adding great sound effects to his stories! Ria was kind, encouraging, humorous, and always attentive to everyone’s needs. In fact, she walked along with me one day when I almost gave up, and for that I am grateful. Jose Antonio was always there with a smile on his face ready to help however he could. Somehow, one of them would seem to pop up along the trail right when you needed them most with an encouraging word and a smile. My experience with these wonderful people will be with me forever and they helped me enjoy a trip of a lifetime. I should also mention that Margalit was most helpful as we planned our trip and she gave us great information on the logistics of traveling in Spain. She was always quick on the email responses. There are many joys in traveling, but perhaps the most important one is the people we meet along the journey and the connections we make with each other. I only hope that our paths will cross again someday. This trip was a great introduction for me to Spain and I’m sure I will be back someday. Thanks again and best wishes to you and your family, Christina

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