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Professional, Perfect, Smooth, Enjoyable, Problem-Free Trip

Alex: It is simply impossible to even come close to describing what a truly smashing time our entire group had. Apart from the fact that the members all seemed to get along, I would say the major contribution to the professional, perfect, smooth, enjoyable, problem-free trip we were fortunate enough to enjoy came from your two outstanding guides – one Mr. Jason and one Ms. Ria. Their continuously cheerful, unfailingly helpful, attentive and jolly attitudes every single day pushed us all to the finish line. They never displayed impatience or fatigue, or boredom or frustration with us – and sometimes we were rowdy – but supported us every single minute of the tour. They also joined in our fun and enjoyed us as much as we all enjoyed ourselves. The food, especially Ria and Jason’s picnics, was outstanding. They worked so hard and their dishes were picture-perfect! The route, the daily schedule, the timing, the hotels, our simply wonderful driver – whom we nicknamed “Seltzer” – were first class all of the way. Again, Alex – you and your team outdid yourselves. No complaints. Only bushels of well-deserved accolades from all of your recently-acquired customers! Every possible thing we needed was provided and in the most sophisticated way! How many times in a lifetime does anyone get to say that?!!! I think they taught me how to say it in Spanish – mil gracias to you and your exceptional team. Sincerely, Heather

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