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Recommending Fresco Tours Every Opportunity We Get

Alissa, Alex, YOU BOTH ARE WONDERFUL. From the very first email that I sent to you inquiring if it was a good idea to walk on The Camino in November and if it would be possible for you to arrange a last minute trip for us your responsiveness has been unbelievably fast. Not only are you responsive, but you are knowledgeable, insightful, proactive, have great attention to detail, great planners, helpful, and clearly love what you do, and clearly care that your customers have a great trip. The trip that you arranged for us was wonderful! We loved the walk from Sarria to Santiago and each day looked forward to what the night’s stay would bring in terms of accommodations, food and wine which was always a welcome and enjoyable surprise. The information about our trip on The Camino that you had waiting for us at our hotel on the first night was incredibly informative and helpful throughout our trip. The hotels that you arranged for us were great and the baggage transfers worked perfectly. And you exceeded our expectations again when you called us twice during our trip to check in on us!! We will be recommending Fresco Tours every opportunity we get, and if you ever need a reference, we would be happy to be a reference for you. Thank you again for arranging one of the best trips we have ever had.

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