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So Well Planned and Seamlessly Executed

Dear Alex, Hope and I are back from our Camino adventure and I just wanted to write to you to tell you what an amazing time we had with Fresco Tours. Everything was absolutely splendid! Jason, Sol, and Paula were the best. All of the places we stayed were so special and unique. The Pazos and Posadas were little treasures, the food was all great, the picnics were divine. And then there were the churches, the history, all the tidbits along the way that we could never have gleaned without. It was all so well planned and seamlessly executed, which I know is a feat in itself. I must also add that Alberto was a gem, always there with a smile and water. This was the experience of a lifetime for me and Hope. To share this with my daughter, to grow through all of our steps on the Camino, is something beyond words. What a wonderful gift Fresco has shared with all of us. Thank you and all the best for future success. Buen Camino! Lynne

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