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Thank You, but Even a Million Times Over, Doesn’t Do It Justice!

My dear Alex, This is the third day that I have sat at my computer trying to think of how to say an adequate thank you to you and ‘the gang’ for our marvelous B I G experience! It was fantastic to see you and Jason again, as well as meeting Ria. There were lots of highlights for me. I loved Hondarribia, Getaria, Laguardia and Bilbao. The stunning views, flora and fauna on the walks and the picnics (always different, always delicious). I enormously enjoyed the tapas in San Sebastian as well as the food in the restaurants at Hondarribia and Bilbao. This was my third visit to Spain with Fresco Tours so I knew I would have a fabulous time, I wasn’t disappointed! I found it very interesting to compare the three trips. The groups always seem to be compatible. There never seems to be a hitch of any sort in the arrangements, if there is we are blissfully unaware! El Camino is what it is, so that is prescribed but the visits to southern Spain and the Basque country were organised in such an interesting way, mixing walking in amazing countryside, culture and gastronomy! However, lots of people could put together such a tour, I suppose, but only your magic Alex, supported by Jason and Ria, could make your Fresco Tours so very, very special. Thank you, but even a million times over, doesn’t do it justice! With my love to you all and I hope we meet again – Anne

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