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Thank You So Much for Your Guidance and Kindness

Dear Alex, Richard and I have safely returned from our amazing Camino. Thank you so much for your guidance and kindness during Richard’s illness in Villafranca. We are so grateful for all your help and it was very reassuring to know you were only a phone call away. You went above and beyond with your frequent calls to check in with us and to ensure the logistics of our hotel accommodations and transport of our luggage. Now, where do I start with the entire journey? We have the highest praise for Fresco Tours from the initial email contact, all the assistance from Alissa, Jason’s orientation with helpful tidbits, a phenomenal welcome dinner and a great walk out of Ponferrada to the actual self-guided tour. You provided exactly what we needed along with great places to stay and wonderful food recommendations. I don’t know how you did it, but you put together the most wonderful group of ten people; all who enhanced our amazing journey and whose friendship will enrich our lives. You and all at Fresco Tours embody the spirit of the Camino and we thank you!

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