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The Highlight of My Life

Dear Alex and Jason, I want to tell you that walking the Camino de Santiago was the highlight of my life. It revived my flagging spirits, sorted me out and provided me with renewed interest and a new direction for living with contentment, purpose and acceptance of life as it is. I have you both to thank for this wonderful restored energy of mind and body and believe me, I will remember those days for the rest of my life. I have told so many people about this amazing Pilgrimage that you organized so beautifully for us all. My family and friends are amazed with the difference in meÂ
so its all good! You will be hearing from one lass who is very interested. She is a good 20 years younger than me which could be helpful!!! The wedding in England was fabulous, too. A very busy time was had by all, and I was more than able to keep up with everything thanks to the time spent with you. I hope the July 25 journey was a great success, too. I’m sure it would have been. Lots of love, and many many thanks for restoring to me the joy of life, while having the time of my life! Joan xx

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