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Dear Alex,

I can not begin to tell you how wonderful David and Irene were on our Camino journey. They made the trip! I can go on and on about them. They are so knowledgeable about the Camino. They knew the hotel owners, the coffee shop folks, the horses, the cows and it just keeps going. Jane is 79 and I am 73 so having those 2 as guides was what got us thru the Camino. I was always last to finish but I knew one of the 2 would always be nearby.

I have written our travel agent Liz, American Express rave reviews in hopes of getting you more business. Jane and I have traveled with A and K to Africa and Nepal , Vermont cycles, and Backroads to Macha Picchu. Your company surpasses them in every way. I feel that your Camino is one of the most value packed tours available. It is top drawer.

Alex, thank you for providing us a wonderful journey and for having David and Irene lead us thru it. I love those 2! They are special people. Thank you, Kate Brady

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