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Top Contender for Best Active Trip I’ve Taken

Hola Alex, Thank you so much for a great tour! I travel a lot and, despite my less then perfect health at the time, this was right up there as a top contender for best active trip I’ve taken. You and Jeffrey did an amazing job of keeping everyone upbeat and cooperative, even on the rainiest of days! The accommodations and food were far beyond what I expected and I’m eagerly awaiting Peggy’s pictures of every place we stayed and every bite of food we put in our mouths! The countryside we saw was just beautiful and the trip was great fun and a great value! I’ve regaled many friends with the CD of pictures and recommendations for the trip! My only addition to information you provide for the trip is to add the waterproof backpack cover to the packing list, and perhaps the inexpensive throw away rain ponchos. Happy Holidays and watch for a package from your US Elves. It should arrive between December 10th and 15th. Marlene

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