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We Fell In Love with the Whole of Northern Spain

Dear Alex, Jason, and Ria, We are now back in chilly Namibia with the Camino just a collection of many amazing memories re-enforced by photos. It has been so hard to describe to people here what it was all about. More than a walk, more than a hike, more than meeting wonderful people and seeing wonderful places.

We fell in love with the whole of Northern Spain that we saw – starting with our long train trip on the milk run from Bilbao to Leon, travelling through forests, mountains and almost forgotten old villages, and strengthened every day as we walked through fields, forests, villages and hamlets.

Thank you to Jason and Ria all for the opportunity you gave us to experience all that we did – the knowledge and insight into so many aspects of the lives of the people of Galicia made the trip so special. We also so appreciated the way you made each person feel special with the time you spent talking to each of us, showing interest and sharing so much of yourselves. We really feel we had made 2 special friends in the time that we walked.

Our next step is to compile a short presentation of our trip and invite our friends around for a show and tell evening – hot soup, fresh bread and lots of cheese (not up to Spanish and French standards unfortunately) and lots of red wine on offer while we try to convey what we experienced. We came back with a new insight into what lifestyle can be – without the frenetic rush and grind of daily life, too busy earning a living to enjoy life and are planning serious changes for the end of the year. Another Camino is high on the list – but without all the trimmings you added, now that we know what it is all about. We would happily recommend that same trip to anyone. With our love and grateful thanks for a fabulous experience, Merryl and Quintin

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