Based in Spain since 2006

We were truly blessed with our total experiences

The experience is one I will never forget & hope to encourage others to give it a go, especially through Fresco Tours.

Your constant attention, advice & suggestions made our journey more pleasurable & smooth sailing. And those hotels?!?! Fabulous boutique hotels with their own personalities, were a gift every night. Sharon & I both loved the walking. I especially enjoyed doing it solo. We generally began at 7:30 after consuming an exquisite breakfast & a cafe con leche, the very best coffee I have ever had. Sharon & I would walk together for a bit, then at the sign of the fist hill, we hug, & she scampered up the hill like a bunny, me following, more like the tortoise. After the first two days of heat, the weather could not have been more perfect. No rain during our walking time and no blisters.

We were truly blessed with our total experience. Thank you for everything.

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