Based in Spain since 2006

What a Beautiful Surprise

I came along with no previous experience and not knowing what to expect. WELL – what a beautiful surprise! As guides, Jason and Jeffrey were a perfectly synchronized duo who infused their individual knowledge of the places in Spain we visited with both historical information and personal insight. And what fun the two of them were together! I liked the balance of urban and rural – time spent exploring the enchanting cities and villages of Andalucía and time meandering in the natural parks; and I was very impressed by the attention and care Fresco Tours paid in choosing diverse hotel accommodations and restaurants which allowed for good hospitality and rich culinary experiences. The camaraderie among all members of the group will be particularly remembered. Mealtimes were filled with lively discussions and laughter. We seemed to all genuinely like one another. And that’s pretty extraordinary! Altogether, I came away wanting to plan another Fresco adventure.

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