Based in Spain since 2006

Will Stay In Our Heart and Soul Forever

Dear Alex, As you know, walking tours are not new to me as I have done them for 18 years as my business (more than 100 walking tours in 12 countries). I have good ones, better ones and even great ones but this tour you have of the Camino has surpassed every tour I have done, both in the US and abroad. I had thought that NOTHING would outclass my New Zealand trip and my one along the Rogue River in Oregon but this one has! It is the combination of things such as your ability to let us see this wonderful part of Spain through your eyes; the care you and Jason took of us along the way; the wonderful gourmet picnics every day; the accommodations which were both historical and lovely; the knowledge of the various churches and monuments which Jason so superbly presented; the little details you took care of such as reconfirming our flights to Madrid; having a local guide show us Santiago; introducing us to people who were so kind and most of all, making this walk into something which will stay in our heart and soul forever.

I, along with the other 9 of my group, want to thank you and Jason for your part in introducing us to your wonderful world. I will be back in 2010 with another group of pilgrims who, although they may be walking for different reasons, will probably come to the same conclusion that we did and that is an appreciation for Spain and for Fresco Tours and for the wonderful Camino de Santiago. All the best, Marie

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