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You Made a Superb Team

Dear Alex, Jason and Mayte—Cathie and I were reviewing our pictures and memories tonight. It’ll take a while for the Camino to percolate, but what a great job you guys did!! I’m burning a DVD of photos to send to Linda as I type and will send you guys my shots. Suffice for now to say that each of you is prominent, not only in my favorite photos but also in my favorite memories. You really did an outstanding job. It is one thing to ferret out the exquisite lodgings you found and then to cope with the logistics of mapping out our route, transporting us and our stuff here and there and providing such wonderful meals and the wine to go with them. It is quite another to deal so seamlessly with so many disparate personalities. The topper, though, is that you made it look so easy, like you were having as much fun as we were. It’s the Horacian maxim in action: art conceals art! On top of that, each of you brought your unique eye to the things we were doing and seeing. You made a superb team, covering the natural beauty, historic and cultural significance and human interest elements of the places and things we encountered along the way. I honestly can’t think of a single thing that could have been done better. God bless all of your Caminos! Thank you for a wonderful trip. Fondly, Kay

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