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Your Planning and Arrangements Just Perfect

Hello Alex…The walk was an incredible experience and your planning and arrangements just perfect. I loved the places we stayed, food we ate, and things we saw. Carol and Marta were fabulous guides as well as delightful additions to our group. They went the extra mile for us in all instances and really contributed to the success of the walk. In short, I just could not be happier with the trip. One small suggestion, the Cathdral tour in Santiago was wonderful but our group all wanted to attend the noon Mass. With the tour ending at noon, the Cathedral was packed and we could not really get seats or participate in the service like we wanted. I do understand that not all your clients want to attend the Mass. However, starting the tour at 9 instead of 9:30 would allow those who do wish to attend, the opportunity to do so. I hope to have the opportunity to travel with FRESCO again in the future and will highly recommend you to all who are interested. Sincerely, Hilary

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