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A Watershed Experience for Me

Dear Alex and Jason and my fellow pilgrims, I am back in the United States, and the blisters are healing. I think Alex said that you may find that the Camino will continue to impact you after you return, and so it has been true for me. I realized a few days after I finished, that it was actually a watershed experience for me. There was my life before I walked the Camino, and now since May 31, my life since. I think I am now a “caminoista”, not to be confused with a “communista”. I have returned with a sense of peace that I did not have before, with a change in perspective. I don’t know that I expected such profound changes from 9 days of hard walking, but so it has been. I was so glad that all of you were on this journey with me. And Jason and Alex, there is no way I could have completed the walk without you two. And that is one of the lessons of the Camino as well. Thank you, or as Alex likes to say, muchas gracias,

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