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An amazing “Kinder Camino”

We did the “Kinder Camino” guided tour and couldn’t have been any happier with Fresco and our trip. I have stage 4 pancreatic cancer so was unsure if I would be able to accomplish my dream of walking the camino and by walking with Fresco, I did! I thought the support available was the main benefit but the guides were fantastic and the cultural/historical part of the tour added so much. Ana and Miguel were fun and took such good care of us. And they could pivot! When I needed to take an afternoon nap, they made it happen and that made completing this trip possible- I did get my Compostela! Silly me but I also didn’t realize I had signed us up for a gourmet eating fest! 11 days of amazing, abundant food and drink. SO MUCH FOOD and it was shared over hours at the many tables we enjoyed with our fellow “Camigos.” There were 13 guests on our tour, and I enjoyed each and every one of them–wonderful, interesting, kind people. Fresco couldn’t have done anything better. My husband and I were both so pleased and grateful for our experience. Thank you!

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