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Attentiveness, Thoughtfulness, and Laughter

El Camino draws people for different reasons. Some want a good hike; others are drawn to its spiritual history. This tour uniquely blends needs with support. Personally, I wanted to stand on a trail walked by countless millions of pilgrims – but I was a bit uncertain about my body. At 62, I had acquired a few issues that I “thought” would not be a problem … but I didn’t want to be out there “alone.” And true, I often ended up being the slowest hiker – so I want to tell anyone considering this tour to NOT be worried. I don’t quite know how Alex, and in this case Jason, coordinate things so we – even the slowest – have plenty of time to eat, rest, and walk at our own pace. But they do … and it WORKS. My goal was to do the best I could – and my best ended up being all 100 miles. AND, this is truly the “cruise-on-feet.” If you could just imagine the cuisine (and the copious quantities of it), you would be practically running out the door to get on the trail to walk the goodies off. I never tasted so many dishes that were unique, wonderful .. and FILLING. Lastly, we were supported emotionally and physically with steadfast attentiveness, thoughtfulness, and laughter. I don’t know how many times Alex or Jason popped up by my side just to check in with me. Was I okay? How was this ache or that pain? If anything untoward had happened, everything would have been in place – promptly and quickly – to handle it. I went as a single person – and if anyone is thinking of this as a single, I encourage you to do it. You are befriended on the trail. You’ll sleep well, eat well, and have the energy and excitement to actually ENJOY the beautiful amazing experience of walking El Camino through the lush greenery, the ancient oaks, and the historic villages of Galicia, Spain. Love and gratitude – Bella

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