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I’m Full of Wonderful Memories

Dear Alex, Home again, I feel so refreshed from having been away and I’m full of wonderful memories of the walking, the people, the food, the whole experience! You are the best! From the beginning when you reunited us
with our lost luggage, you paid attention to every detail: everybody’s food and drink preferences and any needs they might have, even the need to know baseball scores back home! You always went the extra mile to make this trip terrific and did it with a smile that made it seem to be your pleasure. I can speak for both Bill and me to say it was our pleasure to travel with you. Buen Camino, Marilynn

This was really an excellent trip. Not only did you do a great job, but Jose and Jason were also great. I really enjoyed talking with Jason, he’s a real find. I expect we’ll see you again within the next few years; I’m interested in your southern Spain trip. Hasta luego, Bill

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