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I’m Trying to Hold Onto the Experiences

Alex, Margaret and I arrived back in Australia Saturday and I went back to work Monday so it’s been a bit hectic. I’m trying to hold onto the experiences of the walk! (which I will treasure for ever). It must be difficult to get the balance between support, safety and ensuring customers have a good time and being too pushy and detracting from the experience. Interesting as I spoke to different people in our group, we all agreed that a tour that was too controlling would not have appealed. I think you got it about right! The guides were terrific, couldn’t imagine any better, food and accommodations were great and well above my expectations. You seem to have captured the perfect balance of professionalism which made it all run smoothly and gave me complete confidence whilst still being friendly and personable. I would recommend Fresco tours without hesitation. In fact I met a couple of Aussies in Granada and I gave them your details as I think the trip would really suit them and they were very interested. Hope all is well with you and yours. Please give my regards to Jason and Riccardo if you see them. Cheers, Donna

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