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Kindness Goes a Long Way

I just want to say how wonderful it was meeting you all and thanks so much to Alex and Jason for the support and understanding. I actually wouldn’t have made it without everyone’s help and spirit. I learned a lot and think insights will continue to pop up in my mind’s eye as I process the entire adventure. I learned a lot and was reminded of so much I had forgotten from all of you: practice heartfelt intention; kindness goes a long way; patience truly is a virtue; you can accomplish anything at any age if you put your mind to it; knowledge is powerful; everyone has a beautiful voice, no pain no gain; how to easily answer in the affirmative just by wiggling my index finger; life is full of challenges and choices; how to tell the difference between a female and male bamboo shoot; how to swear in Spanish; mind always over matter; we never truly retire; we are all special and on a special path and, most importantly, humor goes a long way when you’re in pain (along with great company and great wine!). Anyway, all for now from lovely Skopje, Macedonia. Take care and keep in touch! Much love, T

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