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So Much to Remember and Savour

Hi Alex, It is only today that I have caught up with myself after my return from Madrid last week! Forgive me for not being in touch sooner. This morning at the gym, I thought this time last week, and the week before, I was stepping out purposefully but El Camino is far more exciting than el treadmill! Then I started my mind’s video of my days on El Camino. I acquired a delightful, sadly temporary, new family who introduced me to new expressions and new ways of life. I saw beautiful countryside. I slept in wonderful houses. I ate delicious dinners and amazing picnic lunches. My feet stood up to the challenge of fairly serious day on day walking without blisters. I saw some beautiful churches both small and large. I saw more cattle than I have seen for ages, I saw sheep, horses and chickens but no ducks, geese or turkeys. There was so much to remember and savour. The highlight, our arrival in Compostela, so emotional, didn’t disappoint, followed by the mass at 6pm the next day when the thurible was swung, unforgettable. None of this would have been possible without the dream team, you and Jason. I have a special place in my heart where I keep people who for one reason or another, I love to pieces and never ever want to forget, you and Jason are my latest additions. I hope somehow I will see you both again, I’m afraid it won’t be in Spain, I’ve left it too late in life to do a second Camino, however, if either of you and your ladies, come to England, please come and see me. Thank you a million times for helping me to achieve my goal. With love and every possible good wish for the future – Anne

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