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The Camino Becomes Part of One’s Life

Dear Alex: I’m still ruminating the memories, even after three weeks of my tour. The Camino becomes part of one’s life. The truth is in one’s life there is a before and an after having walked it.
No doubt it’s hard, but we wouldn’t have it any other way; almost there would be no reason for doing it: effort and sacrifice. I venture to say that for all in our group of pilgrims taking the Fresco tour the sacrifice part of the experience was nearly obliterated by the kindness, dedication, service, consistency and professionalism of the team, without removing the adventure and spiritual nature of the event. Provocative? Excessive? I don’t think so. The wondrous company, service and attitude from you Alex and Jason regaled us with memorable moments. Also I must thank to all the wonderful ladies from the enchanting pazos who provided us with incredible hospitality. And last but not least, buen muchacho Jose Antonio, our reliable driver. God bless you all! A reminder to you Alex: “mi casa es tu casa” Hasta siempre, Juan

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