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Ambasmestas to O Cebreiro

Villafranca to Ambasmestas

Day 4

Accommodations: O Cebreiro (B)

Walking: 13 km / 8 mi

After breakfast it is time to begin your walk today, from Ambasmestas to O Cebreiro, which starts with a pretty steady incline up to O Cebreiro. The first town you will pass through on your journey is Vega de Valcarce. This village famously hosts the Castillo de Sarracín, the ruins of an ancient castle that sit at the top of the Vilela Mountain. Though you may not stop to visit these ruins, you may be able to see them as you walk through the town. 

As you continue on you will approach Las Herrerias, a small green hamlet with the perfect opportunity to rest, a dip in the river! Without the burden of your luggage you can refresh your toes with a quick stop along the river banks before continuing on the Camino. Remember that any recommendations you need, restaurants, massage parlors, health centers, can be found on your Fresco Tours maps. 

After a relaxing journey through Las Herrerias you will continue the incline to the next town of La Faba. This hillside town offers stunning views of the valley below, and will motivate you to continue up the hill. 

Before your stop for the night you will pass through the town of Laguna, another location that provides stunning views of the grassy hills and valleys of the region. After a rewarding journey you will have arrived in O Cebreiro, where you can relax your feet and enjoy local Galician food for dinner.

Elevation Profile for the Ambasmestas to Cebreiro stage on the Camino de Santiago
Elevation Profile for the Ambasmestas to O Cebreiro stage on the Camino de Santiago

O Cebreiro to Triacastela