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What a Treat it was to See the Festivities in Laguardia

Hello Alex-thoroughly enjoyed the Basque in the Glory Tour-ason and Richard did a great job. Was really impressed with Bilbao-such beautiful museums-made it to four of them-and wonderful public art. It must be a joy living there. The towns along the way were really something-loved the old walled towns-so much history. Enjoyed the group of people-did you hear about the mantra that developed?-“I’ll have what Bill is having”-instead of coffee or tea at the end of the meal, I would ask for orujo-you introduced me to it last year-pretty soon Ethel would ask for it, but couldn’t remember the name-so she would just say-“I’ll have what Bill is having”-one evening that went around the table, and I think there were 8 similar orders-we all had a good laugh-and then everyone wondered what Bill was having-what a hoot! Could not believe that we got to climb up to the top of the cathedral in Getaria-the young fellow who led the tour was not real sure of his English skills so Richard translated, but I engaged him in conversation and he did a good job one-on-one. What a treat it was to see the festivities in Laguardia-I can now say I have seen a running of the bulls. Have you set your calendar up for next year yet? Thinking about coming back for the Andalusian one-have visited that part of Spain, but I would like to do some hiking-and you find such interesting places to visit, stay and eat along the way. Let me know when the 2014 dates are available. It was great seeing you in Bilbao-Bill

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