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Would Not have Wanted Anyone Else to Guide Me

Dear Alex, I have only been home for a day and still suffer from a little jet lag but wanted to get this off before “life” started back. Jason and Marta were outstanding and deserve my highest recommendation. As a dentist, I deal with all different people with multiple problems and “personalities”. Jason and Marta complemented each other. Both worked tirelessly to make it a perfect tour. There was a moment when I had a “come-a-part” with my back but Marta came to the rescue and we found a pharmacy with a back brace and thanks to this, I was able to walk in with all my friends. Marta was always upbeat, smiling, laughing, teaching and most importantly patient. Jason was extremely knowledgeable and also very patient and upbeat. A real professional. I would not have wanted anyone else to guide me along the Way. Please tell them both thank you from both of us and give them our best.

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