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Your Business is Absolutely Top-Notch

Dear Alex, Your business is absolutely top-notch! As I wrote Cate, our guide, you got a gem when you hired her. I was immediately impressed with both Jeff and Cate and my opinion of them just got better as the days went by. I found them both to be very informed, great with the presentation of their knowledge, and they were eager to accommodate any of our outside requests, if it was at all possible. They were both very personable and I can’t imagine having a better Camino experience than I had with them. Thank you so much for choosing them as our guides (although I´m sure everyone is fabulous). Food, accommodations, having our luggage hauled around (poor Alberto – mine was hideously heavy, sorry)… all of it, just wonderful. I loved Alberto – the three of them made a great team. Warm regards, Vicki

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